Awkward Family Photos: The Pregnant Edition

awkward family photos, pregnancy photos
I'm fit and you're not?

Blame the hormones?

There has to be some explanation for this special subset of priceless collection of pictures over on Awkward Family Photos. These Awkward Pregnancy Photos are beyond awkward, they’re awful. But, I mean, go look at them anyway because they’re also hilarious.

Just like the site that birthed these babies, the photo captions are worth the click. (This blogger does a pretty great job with the commentary, too.)

They’re all good, but here’s a sample:

awkward family photos, preg pics
The black socks are overkill.
]awkward family photos, preg pics
Don't get me wrong, I admire her sense of balance!

Pregnancy photos are a must in this age of uber-documentation. But perhaps these photos are a reminder that, when capturing the miracle of creating life, we should get too creative with a camera.