Babble Co-founder Rufus Griscom Named Among 'Most Creative People in Business'

Rufus Griscom
Rufus Griscom

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re a fan of Babble. And if you’re a fan of Babble, chances are you already think there’s not quite another site out there like this one (in which case, Time magazine agrees with you, having named Babble among the 50 best websites in 2010 for showing “just how cool parenting can be, from pregnancy to the preteen years”).

In that case, you might already know of Rufus Griscom, who co-founded Babble back in 2006 with his wife Alisa Volkman. He’s currently Babble’s General Manager, a blogger himself, and a thoroughly engaging speaker, and now one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2012, according to Fast Company.

But maybe you already knew that, too?

For having an exceptional backbone and recognizing that building an online community around Babble’s content meant branching out to other platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, Griscom lands at an impressive 88 on the Fast Company list.

“… Something that’s been risky for us–and everyone in the online space–was making the decision to push content out to other platforms such as Facebook or the Huffington Post. That was scary at first. We worried, Are we giving away the baby? But we’ve concluded that it really is the right approach,” Griscom told Fast Company.

Although there are often more comments on a Babble post on the site’s Facebook page than the actual website, “we started to realize that a lot of these are actually filtering our content better then we are,” Griscom said. With over 6 million visitors each month, is blazing a trail as the go-to site for an entirely new generation of parents.

This is the third year that Fast Company celebrates “business innovators who dare to think differently. They’re the ones taking risks and discovering surprising new solutions to old problems.”

Other notable creative-types on Fast Company’s 2012 list include the Chief Content Officer of Spotify, the CEO of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Head of Product for Foursquare.

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