Have You Added Babble to Your Circles on Google+ ?

Babble's now on Google+!

I admit I was excited about Google+ at first and then kind of forgot to check in on it for a few weeks (or months?) like everyone else but I’m really trying to finally get back into the groove of things over there. Another great reason to get your plus on is that Babble is finally on Google+ as of today!

I enjoy +1’ing great posts I read around the web, not to mention the break from the noise on Facebook and Twitter once in a while. (And the fact that none of my family members have signed up yet.) Be sure to check out the Babble Google+ page and add it to your circles. Oh and if you’re in a clicky mood, go ahead and give this here post a +1, too! Thanks!

Are you on Google+? What’s your social networking site of choice?

Read Stephanie’s posts at Strollerderby and her personal blog Adventures in Babywearing, and you can add Stephanie to your circles on Google+ while you’re at it.

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Photo credit: Bruce Clay