Babble! Now on Instagram


Are you an iPhone or an Android user? My household is solidly team Apple, but a few members of our extended family only have eyes for the Android. It’s not uncommon for us to enter into a heated debate during family gatherings over which is the smarter phone. (Ahem, iPhone.) There is one thing we can agree on, however. Instagram is, hands down, our favorite application. 

If your phone has become your primary camera, if you are social media savvy, or if you just love to share your day to day with friends then you have probably already discovered the photo sharing program. I love it most because it takes my very ordinary photograph and allows me to give it a little something extra by applying a filter. I can then easily share my picture, not only with my Instagram followers, but also on Twitter and Facebook with the touch of a button. (I’m @TheDailyDoty on Instagram if you want to follow along.)

Recently, Babble has joined in the insta-fun. You can find and follow them at @BabbleEditors. They’ll be sharing a curated selection of the best snapshots straight from the feeds of the staff as well as giving you a behind the scenes sneak peek at what goes on at Babble Headquarters.

As someone who works remotely I’m intrigued. I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans the folks in the office will document for our social media consumption.

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