Babble Welcomes New Blog "Kid Scoop," For Parents of Bigger Kids


We’re excited to welcome another addition to the Babble Blog Family! Kid Scoop highlights the highs and lows (and all the sweetness in between) of parenting kids ages 4-8. This is the age when they do indeed say (and do) the darnedest things- especially to their moms and teachers.

Parenting blogs aren’t just for baby anymore- and Kid Scoop blogger Casey Mullins goes as far to say that Big Kids are Better Than Babies anyway! Wink.

Personally speaking, as a mom of four I know very well that this age group happens to come with its own set of challenges. Each stage is equally fabulous and frightening. But most of all, it gets better as they grow.

image credit: Casey Mullins at Kidscoop

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