Babble's Top 50 Dad Bloggers Announced!


I realize we are all still recovering from Friday’s horrific tragedy. Please don’t think I don’t feel it weighing down my soul as I write this post.

It’s getting toward the end of the year, so that means best of lists, and here at Babble we are no exception. Today we’ve happily announced the winners of the Top 50 Dad Bloggers list!

As part of the committee that helped sort through the massive list of Dad Bloggers to pick the top fifty, I can tell you this is no easy feat and a laboruous process. Not that I’m complaining (ahem).

Here’s what Babble says about the top dad bloggers list this year.

Last year, when we inaugurated our Top 50 Dad Blogs list, we praised dad bloggers for “changing the way we think about fatherhood.” Indeed, a number of our favorite bloggers on this, our second Top 50 list, insist our thinking needs to be changed. They describe themselves as advocates for fathers, taking to their keyboards in order to counter dominant cultural stereotypes of dad-as-incompetent-buffoon. (You don’t believe them? Tune in to most any family sitcom on most any night of the week.) Others on the list aspire simply to entertain us with funny, relatable tales from the trenches. A few write to work through the shattering grief of losing a child or spouse.

Have you checked out the list yet? You might find some surprises!




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