Baby Balloons to 44 Pounds ... on Breast Milk


Xiao Lei weighs about as much as any average six-year-old. Thing is, the little guy is only 10 months old. At birth, he weighed an unspectacular 7.7 lbs. But since then, he has bulked up enough to sport roll after roll after roll (and earn himself the nickname “Michelin baby“).

So what kind of high-calorie diet is Xiao Lei on?

Breast milk, his mother says, breast milk. She tells Sky News that he was never given formula (which, in China at least, is being linked to young girls and boys growing breasts). He just, evidently, packs it on.

Still, his doctors are worried about his weight and would like him to shed some of the pounds to ensure a healthy heart and body. In the video, he looks happy, as does his mother. He’s also not the only Chinese baby tipping the scales.

What do you think? Could breast milk create such a chubberkins? On the one hand, it seems pretty incredible. On the other hand, I had a Michelin baby of my own and I know for a fact she packed it on consuming only breast milk.