Baby Born in Chevy Getting Free Diapers for a Year


We talked yesterday about Amanda McBride, the 29-year-old woman who gave birth while driving 70 miles an hour down a Minnesota highway.  Well, the PR people at GM got wind of her story and have offered her son, affectionately known as “Cobalt Joe,” free diapers for a year.  (Baby Joe was born in a Chevy Cobalt.)  This largess by GM could save McBride and her boyfriend Joseph Phillips up to $1,000 in expenses the first year.  And that’s not all they’re getting.

Chevy is also giving the couple “two child safety seats, a stroller and other baby supplies.”  Margaret Brooks, the product marketing director of small cars said, “We knew the Cobalt was designed to deliver its occupants safely, but never did we expect a delivery quite like this.”  Wah-wah.  No, it’s cute.  I get it.  I just still can’t get over the fact that McBride continued driving after her water broke.  I mean, I’m sure it all happened fast and she did what she felt best in the moment.  But if people can’t stop driving to give birth, how do we expect people to stop driving to make a phone call?  Oy.

Photo: A Forest Frolic via Flickr

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