Baby Found Sucking on a Ball of Cocaine at Daycare


baby-suckingA baby was found sucking on a ball of crack cocaine at a Minneapolis daycare this week. Now officials are surrounding the daycare with one big question – who dropped the rock?

According to WCCO, the thirteen-month-old was in the daycare’s “infant room” when daycare staff noticed he had something in his mouth. It turned out to be a cellophane wrapped rock of crack, and the baby was sucking away.

The kid wasn’t freebasing – the seal on the plastic wasn’t broken – but he was rushed to the hospital anyway. The daycare isn’t in trouble – they’ve started drug testing staff and put up security cameras. So who’s on the suspect list?

The parents. Because they’re the only ones allowed in beyond daycare staff. Everyone is ID checked (standard procedure at many daycare facilities) and must be connected to a kid in the building.

So what’s creepier – knowing a kid picked up the rock or knowing a parent of one of these little kids is regularly smoking crack?

Image: conorwithonen via flickr

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