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You Might Be Saying It Wrong: Baby Gear Pronunciation Guide

By Madeline Holler |

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You might be saying it wrong: a pronunciation guide to popular baby brands.

Nothing says “new parents” more than gross mispronunciations of brands the rest of us have been living with since forever. I’m no corporate shill, don’t get me wrong. You’re free to stumble through a conversation on best car seats or most innovative strollers however you want.

But I tend to want to know how I’m supposed to pronounce things. Yet with some common baby product brands, you never hear them the same way twice.

So I’ve culled through lists of the popular and/or fancy baby products that are commonly pronounced at least two different ways. I contacted corporate offices and put it all in this handy pronunciation guide.

Print it out, pass it on, or look for that one brand you have avoided saying out loud since you tore off the gift wrapping at your first baby shower (Britax, I’m looking at you!).


Got a question about a brand I missed? Leave it in comments and I’ll work on a follow-up.

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Baby Gear Pronunciation Guide


Don't over-correct on this one. It's not "HOO-vy" or "JJJJOO-vy. Rather, it sounds just like the nickname for juvenile hall. No connection, of course!

Now that you can pronounce them, check out our favorite stoller brands for baby!

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20 thoughts on “You Might Be Saying It Wrong: Baby Gear Pronunciation Guide

  1. Kelsey says:

    But is it ER-go baby or AIR-go baby?

  2. Madeline Holler says:

    Ah ha! Will follow up with that, Kelsey! Good one.

  3. Kate says:

    Guilty of mispronouncing Britax (never would have guessed..), Medela (WTH? Nothing implies a long E sound there..) and Stokke. I learned about Aden + Anais a while ago, but of course said it wrong in the beginning. But really, people struggle with Joovy? It makes sense, a funky way of spelling juvie, slang for juvenile. Anyhow.

  4. Alison says:

    I’ve always heard ER-go (uhr go).

  5. Swede says:

    Actually, the descriptions for both Baby Björn and Stokke are wrong. Björn is pronounced more like adding a b to the beginning of “yearn”. Stokke (which is Norwegian, not Swedish) is stock-uh.

  6. ilaria says:

    Chicco’s pron. is better written as keek – ko because of the double C in there, you have to kind of linger on that sound. key- ko would be spelled as chico in Italian :)

  7. norwegian says:

    Stokke is a hard one to translate phonetically.. While ‘stock-uh’ is fine, an english speaking person reading this out loud would still be pronouncing it wrong. Instead, think of the word ‘Stalk’. (pronounced in really posh english) Now take away the L. Add an extra K. Now say ‘eh’ like you don’t care. There you have it. ;)

  8. Meme says:

    Mutsy strollers are pronounced “moot-see” not “mutt-see”

  9. Meme says:

    Mutsy strollers are pronounced “moot-see” not “mutt-see.”.

  10. Meme says:

    I learned this after having one and mispronouncing it for a year! Mutsy strollers are pronounced “moot-see” not “mutt-see”.

  11. Laurie says:

    I have had some people correct me on some of these – glad to see I was right all along!! I must admit that I have been really mispronouncing Britax – totally guilty on that one.

  12. Canuckmom says:

    Ha! I’m glad you put Robbeez on here because no one believes me! Now I have proof!!!

  13. fuzzy says:

    Or you can buy reasonably priced brands with normal names………

  14. Happy says:

    How do you pronounce Avent? It’s so awkward.

  15. danyel says:

    medela: i was way off… i always said it like mudella like mud ella
    also guilty of aden + anais… always said ANN-eye-EESE
    and ouch on the avent… i had it all wrong with aaaa-vent

  16. Tera says:

    another one is baby k’tan – my friend say KAWTAWN and i say KAYTAN – or is it K-TAN?

  17. elaine says:

    ok too funny – @tera I just got off the phone w Baby K’tan carriers b/c i had a sizing question.. asked them how to pronounce brand name – they said “K-TAWN” with the K sound sounding like the begginning of the word caboose

  18. Madeline Holler says:

    Awesome research, Elaine. I’ll confess, I’ve always said ka-TAN.

  19. Samantha says:

    your pronunciation of stokke is wrong. simply call their cs number in the us and listen to their recording and you will see your error.

  20. icons says:

    Excellent idea and it is duly

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