Baby Girl Born on 9/9/09 Has Sister Born on 8/8/08


840874_calendarRemember the baby who was born on 9/9/09 at 9:09?  She’s not the only star in this numbers game.  Arkansas woman Alison Miller, husband is Andy, gave birth to daughter Molly Reid on September 9th — special, but not quite as flashy as a baby who can time it to the minute.

But Molly’s sister, Campbell, has a unique birthday too.  She was born on August 8th of last year, or 8/8/08.  It’ll be easy to remember their birthdays, which is probably good since with two babies just 13 months apart, they won’t be getting a full night’s sleep for about, oh, FOREVER.

Though Miller’s due date was technically the eighth, she didn’t go into labor.  They induced on that day instead, and Molly was born the following day.  They lose a few points for the fact that it didn’t happen naturally, but still … it’s a cool coincidence for their daughters to share.

Do you have any weirdly numbered birthdays in your family?

Photo: Geri-Jean Blanchard,