Baby Left Behind In Philly As Mom and Grandma Try To Avoid Paying for the Subway

I thought you had the baby! But I thought YOU had the baby!
I thought you had the baby! But I thought YOU had the baby!

A mom and grandmother trying to pull a fast one on the Philadelphia transit system ended up leaving their baby behind as they tried to make a quick escape.

According to SEPTA, the mom handed a transit official her travel pass and, after it was punched, tried to hand it to the grandmother who was going to take it away to use it at another station.

But, as the Associated Press reports, in trying to avoid detection they quickly rushed off and left their baby boy behind at the station, each woman apparently thinking the other had taken the baby.

The transit official took the baby to a station booth to keep warm. Mom apparently didn’t realize her baby was missing until she got to the next station down the line.

The baby was later returned to the women who were not charged with anything.

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