Baby Lisa Irwin Update: Interview with Her Brothers Canceled by Parents — Why?


Baby Lisa Irwin

This Friday Kansas City police were hoping to interview the older brothers of Baby Lisa Irwin. But at the last minute, the interview with the 8-year-old and 5-year-old boys was canceled or rather “indefinitely postponed.”

The two brothers have only spoken to the police once, on the day that their 10-month-old sister Lisa Irwin disappeared. They were to have met with an investigator who has special training in working with children and they were to have DNA samples taken at the same time.  So why was the interview canceled?

“I’ve done research and see more potential for harm than good with the interview; it won’t happen tomorrow and maybe never,” one of the family’s lawyers stated. Parents Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley have been a bit leery of having their boys talk to the police, especially after they felt that the authorities were particularly cruel in their questioning.

On Friday Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley were to have a news conference and another tour of their home but both were canceled as well.

Do you think they should let their sons be interviewed by the police regardless of the harm that could happen, just in case they have any clues to their sister’s disappearance?

Image: ABC