Baby Lisa Irwin Update: Kansas City Attorney Fired From Case, Brothers Will Allegedly Be Interviewed

Missing baby, Lisa Irwin

It has been announced that Cyndy Short, the Kansas City lawyer working with defense attorney Joe Tacopina on the missing Irwin baby case, was fired. Short said she and Tacopina “were not able to work as a team,” according to Fox. Short held a press conference outside her Kansas City office and told reporters, “Our approaches were very different. It was not going to work for me to work with him … therefore he’s in and I’m out.” Short plans to maintain a website dedicated to finding Baby Lisa “and by fielding possible tips and forwarding them to investigators,” she said.

The circumstances surrounding Short’s firing aren’t quite as simple as she’d have the public believe, however.  ABC News reports, “Short was dismissed shortly after she gave media tours of the Irwin home, which the family now says they learned about after the fact.” Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin said in an email statement, “After hearing there was a press conference and listening to Mrs. Short’s statement, we are further convinced that we made the correct decision.”

Short says she believes that Baby Lisa was stolen from her parents’ home, but perhaps wasn’t as willing to try to shift suspicion away from Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin as Tacopina is. Tacopina “has requested a delay in a planned second interview by a forensic specialist with the couple’s other two children,” ABC News says, and “did not return a message seeking comment.” He told Good Morning America on Monday that “Bradley and Irwin are fully cooperating with authorities and that their older children can be re-interviewed by police.” The first interview scheduled with the boys was cancelled last week.

Tacopina accused local investigators of letting the crime scene “be trampled on within the first few days by media and other people,” and suggests that police are “frustrated because they can’t find answers, so of course, they’re turning their frustrations onto the parents because statistically that’s where the focus belongs.” He added, “I have no problem with them looking at the parents and focusing on them, but don’t narrow your investigation to the point where that’s the only scenario they want to look at.”

This missing baby case is quickly becoming the next Caylee Anthony story, assuaging America’s need for another murderous mother to fixate on.  What will happen next?!

Sources: Fox News and ABC News