E*Trade Unveils New "Baby Mail" Site Just in Time for Super Bowl

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E*Trade Baby Mail

We all remember the super successful, and later controversial, E*Trade ad titled “Girlfriend” that aired during last year’s super bowl.  It features a baby boy (voiced by comedian Pete Holmes) video chatting with his girlfriend (voiced by comedian Glennis McMurray), who wants to know if her beau spent the evening with “that milkaholic Lindsay.”  The spot ends with “Lindsay” popping up, delivering the famous retort, “Milk-a-what?”  Comedic actress Jenn Harris nailed the tiny part, making the ad instantly famous.

What kept the ad in the news, however, was a lawsuit Lindsay Lohan filed against E*Trade, claiming the illegal use of her name.  Lohan intended to sue E*Trade for $100 million but eventually settled out of court.

Today, E*Trade unveiled their new “baby mail” campaign — just in time for the Super Bowl — with a banner ad on YouTube’s homepage.  You can go to their site,, and upload a photo of your own baby, type in some text for them to say, and then send the clip to friends and family.  Kind of fun, especially if you want to rub your team spirit in a rival fan’s face.

Here’s last year’s Super Bowl spot, in case you missed it.  (Yeah, right.  With nearly 7 million views on YouTube, it seems unlikely anyone has missed it.)