Baby Giggling While Scooting Downstairs Will Melt the Iciest Heart (Video)


Remember that magical time as a child when you could derive immense pleasure from playing with a rolled up pair of socks or a cardboard box?

No? Neither do I. Unfortunately, we seem to shed our sense of wonder for the mundane quickly as we age, but my mother assures me there was a time. I’ve also witnessed it first hand in my own children who are mesmerized by bubbles and as infants were entranced by watching the ceiling fan turn ’round.

Another fascination that seems to be universal among children is stairs. Throwing things down them, climbing up them, sliding to the bottom of them — maybe it’s the thrill of risking bodily injury or the fact that adults are constantly shooing children away from them — but there seems to be a gravitational force between kids and staircases.

The baby in this video prefers the ever popular scoot method employed by tots everywhere to descend steps, but he doesn’t just scoot, he giggles…uncontrollably. And you will too. Go on. Have a laugh.



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