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Baby Shower Mad Libs for the Home Birthing Crowd

babyshowerSomehow I ended up in charge of the games for my sister-in-law’s baby shower last weekend. I remembered her being amused by the mad libs someone had dug up for her bridal shower and figured such silliness would be more fun than sniffing crushed up chocolate candy in diapers (um, ew).

But the only baby shower mad libs I could find online, did not, shall we say, suit her style—I wasn’t going to orchestrate the telling of a story about hospitals and doctors and pain meds for the woman who interviewed her home-birth midwives by saying she was looking for the “most hands off midwife in the world.”

So of course I wrote my own. If you find yourself planning a shower for someone similar, here it is:

The New Addition (word blanks to fill in below)

(1) ______________ paused when she felt a sudden contraction in her (2)_______________. “Hmmm,” she said, I’m pretty sure that’s labor, but I’d expected it to feel more (3) _________ and not quite so (4) _________. She was out of the house (5) ___________, and didn’t really feel like (6) ___________ all the way home, so she called (7) ______________ for a ride. As the next contraction came, a passerby noticed her start to (8) ____________ heavily and reach out to grab the nearest (9) __________.

“Miss, should I call a (10) ___________ to get you to the hospital?” she asked.

“Not if you value your (11) __________,” (12) __________ replied. “I’m not sick. I’m going to go shopping for some (13) ____________ and a few (14) ______________ until my ride comes.”

But just then a bigger contraction arrived and she had to stop and practice her (15) ___________ awareness pain-management techniques. She noticed a (16) ___________ (17)__________ and a (18)_____________ (19) _____________ and counted (20) ________ (21) _________. She was very (22) __________ about how well it had worked, but quite surprised when (23) ___________ (who had just arrived in a (24) ___________ ) told her she’d been making (25) _________ noises the whole time.

We don’t know exactly what happened next because of course the parents-to-be didn’t bring us home with them, but according to Twitbookjournal, there’s a new creature in their family who came out (26) ___________ first, has (27) _________ fingers and toes, weighs (28) _______ pounds, and can wake anyone within (29) _______ feet.

Congratulations: Sounds like a baby!


The New Addition Word Blanks Sheet:
(1)    Mother-to-be _________________________
(2)    body part ___________________________
(3)    adjective ___________________________
(4)    adjective ___________________________
(5)    verb ending in “ing” ___________________________
(6)    verb ending in “ing” ___________________________
(7)    mother-to-be’s partner/spouse/co-parent _____________________
(8)    verb ___________________________
(9)    noun ___________________________
(10)    noun ___________________________
(11)    noun ___________________________
(12)    mother-to-be _____________________
(13)    food ___________________________
(14)    plural household item ___________________________
(15)    adjective ___________________________
(16)    adjective ___________________________
(17)    noun ___________________________
(18)    verb ending in “ing” ___________________________
(19)    noun ___________________________
(20)    number ___________________________
(21)    plural nouns ___________________________
(22)    adjective ___________________________
(23)    mother-to-be’s partner/spouse/co-parent _____________________
(24)    vehicle ___________________________
(25)    animal ___________________________
(26)    body part ___________________________
(27)    number ___________________________
(28)    number ___________________________
(29)    number ___________________________

Photo CC bald_eagle89.

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