Baby Terrified of Mother's...Nose [Video]

I think this pictures worth 2,000 words. Maybe more.

Remember back in the day when we had to send our grainy, low-quality home videos to Bob Saget to determine whether or not they were funny? I certainly do. And so does Good Morning America. Because I ripped that line off from them. The whole Bob Saget line. But it’s so true. Yet, thanks to YouTube, we don’t need ol’ Bob anymore. Because extraordinary videos make the rounds on the internet and thus don’t need a national broadcast to fetch millions of eyeballs.

And the video I saw on Good Morning America (thanks to a feed) was particularly funny. If not strangely so. But maybe it’s just because my wife and I are just 17 weeks from having a baby and I’m all giddy about it. See for yourself.

But just to set it up: Good Morning America previewed the clip to their viewers and I saw it on my computer. GMA reported that it had already received over 9 million views on YouTube. (Since then, it’s picked up another million.) I was curious enough to visit YouTube to see the entire video and it didn’t disappoint.

It shows a cute little baby, Emerson, who is equally terrified, enamored and amused by his mother’s nose — more specifically, her act of blowing it. And, I must say, it’s one of my favorite baby videos out there. Check it out:

Image: YouTube