Baby Wiimote the New Shaken Baby Toy?


baby-and-me-wiiIt looks like a regular doll, until your kids stick their Wiimote to it and “it’s aliiiiiive.”

Creeped out yet?  The geek blogs are convinced the new Baby and Me is some anti-feminist plot designed to turn on the primordial urge to procreate in kids.

Yawn. But this one caught my eye: a comment over at Gizmodo’s rant about the disgustingness of this particular toy:

Does it make motion sensors? Because I would totally buy it if it came with a baby shake game. (if Apple isn’t going to allow a baby shake game, someone will step in to fill the niche).”

Ick. Here I was on the naive line of thought vis a vis – great, they can send these into high schools for the classes that warn kids NOT to make babies (here the folks at Aussie-Nintendo have a point: “Could you just imagine that doll crying through the tinny, distorted Wii Remote speaker? Absolutely terrifying.”). Granted, I wouldn’t necessarily get this one for my kid, but it could have its uses. And knowing little kids (boys included), they’re going to do this sort of thing with a plain old every day doll anyway. They don’t need the Wii to bring out these instincts.

Would you buy this one?

Image: Kotaku

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