Baby's Coming! Speeding Dad Ignores Cop Chasing Him


dadI wouldn’t have pulled over either.

Seeing as how the baby’s arms were already out and all.

The baby’s dad, Tyler Rathjen, wasn’t going to stop either. He was speeding to the hospital and told ABC he was determined to keep going even though he could see flashing lights in his rear view mirror.

“I should not stop, I’m not going to, I’m going to get to the hospital,” Tyler Rathjen told KCRG. 

This was Tyler and his wife Ashley’s third child. So they knew time was of the essence. “I kept saying: there’s no break (in contractions) there’s no break,” Ashley said. “He was coming at that time.”

Ultimately, Rathjen and his wife Ashley had to pull over because of a red light and heavy traffic.

So Iowa City Officer Kevin Wolfe reaches the passenger door intending to write a ticket and ended up delivering the couple’s third son Owen, just blocks from Mercy Iowa City hospital.

Wolfe’s dashboard camera captured the episode.

Owen is healthy and happy and home with his family. Quite the entrance, little guy. Well done.

Photo credit: KCRG

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