Baby's Tastes Develop In Utero


your fetus can taste your foodEarlier we explored the question of whether or not restaurant kids’ menus mark the death of civilization. Most of us would like our kids to be adventurous rather than picky eaters. How early can we start challenging those tiny taste buds?

In the womb. New Scientist reports on research that suggests your fetus can taste your food.

Strong flavors like garlic and anise can be found in amniotic fluid, where they pass over babies developing taste buds and smell receptors as the fetus breaths the fluid. Any flavor that gets into the bloodstream will cross into the amniotic fluid and into breastmilk.

Which means that if you have the odd glass of wine during pregnancy, your baby will get a taste of that too. There’s some research suggesting that babies whose mother’s drank two small glasses of wine per week show more preference for the stuff than teetotalers infants. The babies who’d tasted wine in utero smiled and made suckling noises when exposed to the smell.

This might explain my kids’ love of spicy Indian foods, which I ate with abandon during both pregnancies.

Do you and your kids share any unusual food loves? Do you think your pregnancy diet swayed them towards your favorite treats?

Photo: futurestreet