Baby's Voice Brings Woman Out of Coma


coma-babys-voiceA 32-year-old librarian from England has emerged from a five-week coma, and she’s crediting the sound of her baby’s voice with her recovery. After contracting E. coli (most likely from a local fish bar, which is being investigated), Karen Morrisroe-Clutton became so ill, suffering seizures and kidney failure, that she was put in a medically induced coma.

During her eight weeks in intensive care, Morrisroe-Clutton was unable to see her son Oliver, who was ten weeks-old when she fell ill, because of the risk of infection. But after she was put in a coma, her husband played tapes of Ollie gurgling in his tiny voice. She says that she heard the tapes and decided that she had to live.

Recalling the ordeal for the BBC, Morrisoe-Clutton said, “I did know that I was dying at one point. In fact because I was having all this treatment I knew it wasn’t working; at least something wasn’t working quite well. I gave up. I wanted to die. But I heard Ollie. I heard his voice because Paul was playing the tapes and I turned around and said I can’t do this. I need to live. I heard him and thankfully I pulled through.”

After Morrisroe-Clutton had recovered enough to be moved out of intensive care, she was able to be reunited with her baby. Remembering the first moment that she saw Ollie after coming out of the coma, Morrisroe-Clutton said, “He did remember me… sort of gave me a look and then this massive smile came… it was just wonderful.”

Photo: BBC

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