Babysitting FAIL: Man Has Pit Bull Watch Infant While He Goes to a Bar

Not All Dogs Are Nana
Not All Dogs Are Nana

When I think of a babysitting dog, I can’t help but think of Nana from Peter Pan, the loving Newfoundland who cared for Wendy, John and Michael. But what I am about to share with you is no fairy tale. This is the real-life story of a man who entrusted the care of a 10-month-old baby to a pit bull. He was off to a whole different Neverland: his local bar.

According to NBC News, James R. Irvine, of Palm Coast, Fla., left his girlfriend’s baby at home alone with his pit bull while he went to drink some brewskis. The mother of the baby, who was at work, became suspicious when Irvine didn’t pick up his phone. When he finally did answer, he simply said, “I’m watching the game.” When she returned home, she found him attempting to get into their house and was reportedly urinating on himself.

Irvine confessed to his girlfriend that he was out getting some drinks (five Coronas and one Bud Light if you were wondering) and informed the mother that the baby wasn’t alone; the pit bull was watching it. Fortunately, the baby was fine. The infant was found alone in a closed room, but was crying when the mother entered the house. The pit bull was found standing guard in front of  the closed door.

A Nana moment this was not. Dogs may be smart but would you ever entrust one to babysit your child?

Photo Source: via Dreaming of Dixie
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