Bad Babysitter Takes Baby On Truckbed Stroller Ride


keyona davisAs a babysitter, you can always take your small charges to the park or stroll them around the block if you’re looking for something to keep them happy.  Just don’t ever throw them into the back of a flatbed truck.

Keyona Davis, a 23-year-old Florida woman, has been charged with child neglect after being arrested yesterday for riding around al fresco in her friend’s pickup truck with the boy she was babysitting in a stroller beside her.  Drivers on the busy streets of Daytona Beach were shocked to see an 8-month-old baby inside an unsecured stroller in the back of a moving truck, and called 911.

WESH-TV reports that Davis explained herself in a court appearance, saying that there is no handbook that outlines what is and is not neglect:

Davis explained to the court she has been babysitting without incident since she was a teenager and didn’t realize police would consider this endangering a child. She said she had a grip on the stroller.

“It’s only if the pickup crashes, the child will be injured or hurt,” a public defender said in court.

Davis replied, “Exactly!”

Thankfully, the baby was not injured and was soon reunited with his mother.


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