Bad Eggs Spoil the Bunch: Aggressive Parents Force Town to Cancel Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg
The parents get that these are just eggs, right?

Are some things not sacred?

Easter egg hunts aren’t supposed to be like soccer games or hockey games in which some parents get overly aggressive and hyper-competitive. It’s a holiday event, after all. It’s looking for Easter eggs, after all. Adults do know that underneath all the paint is just shell and yolk, right?

Apparently some parents in Colorado Springs actually don’t seem to know that, however, and a few rotten ones have spoiled this year’s Easter egg hunt for everyone else.

Fox News says that the free hunt in Bancroft Park has been cancelled because last year “hundreds of parents reportedly jumped over the ropes into a kids-only section of the hunt to ensure their kids got as many eggs as possible.”

As a result, the hunt ended in seconds, leaving lots of kids egg-less.

It’s undecided whether the hunt will resume in 2013. What is decided is that the parents who couldn’t leave the egg hunt up to their kids should have to wear literal egg on their pathetic faces.

Seriously? Interfering in a kids’ Easter egg hunt? Can you imagine?

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