Bad Parent Essays We'd Like To See



I grew up reading Mad Magazine, and one of the regular features was things “we’d like to see.” For example, “Honest Campaign Slogans We’d Like To See.” You get the idea.

In honor of the new book “Dirt is Good for You: True Stories of Surviving Parenthood” which features some of Babble’s Bad Parent essays, here are some Bad Parent Essays We’d Like To See.

(Note: as far as I know, I made these up. If anyone has done these things, or know someone who has, let us know.)

I Shaved My Son’s Head To Make My Toupée

I Won’t Let My Kids Wear Shoes

My Three Year Old Plays With Matches and I’m OK With That

I’m Storing Cord Blood in my Fridge

My Kids Don’t Wear Diapers – At Your House

I Give My Toddlers Steroids So They’ll Be Better At Sports

I Let My Daughter Join a Competitive Eating League

I Lost My Kids in a Vegas Poker Game

Anyone have one to add to this list? C’mon, it’s fun.