Bad Pitch Of The Week: You Want Me To Blog About What, For What?


I get a lot of PR pitches. Like, many dozens in a single day, sometimes more. Mostly I just delete them. Some of them, though, I’m kind of tempted to print out and frame. Or scribble on. Or both. Because they are just that ridiculously and outstandingly awesome.

What follows is one such pitch. I kind of love it, in a disturbed and offended kind of way. It’s totally going on my office wall:


This is almost as good as the time they wanted to name my baby after their pickles. Although at least with that one, they didn’t cast aspersions on my sex life. New lows, people. New lows.

(Got a bad pitch for me to decorate? Got one that you’ve decorated yourself? SEND THEM ON IN.)

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