Balance Being an Authentic Blogger with Staying "On Brand"


Most of us started blogging as a way to share stories about our experiences, our feelings, our beliefs – our lives.  Then, somewhere along the way, we became BRANDS.  Everywhere we turn, there’s a conference session or blog post or tweet chat about how to build and protect your online brand.  That we should have a logo, and be consistent in the colors that we wear (or don a signature piece), and only accept projects that are in line with our brands.  So, what happens when you just want to be you for a moment?

Now I’m not saying that your brand isn’t “you” – it clearly is.  However, much like we conduct ourselves in a certain way around business colleagues (or our in-laws, let’s say), we tend to conduct ourselves in a certain way when communicating with our clients and followers online.  But here’s the deal: we’re all human.  And so, while we may portray a certain brand image (i.e. snarky, carefree, authoritative, gutsy, etc.), what happens when we let our guards down and share something in a way that doesn’t necessarily jive with our brand image?

Generally, I am seen as being a hyper-capable, Type A, fun-loving and always smiling supermom and entrepreneur.  But! If you were reading my posts carefully last year, you may have picked up on my mini-nervous breakdown that played out online.  Likewise, this week, I’ve posted in two places about my crazy schedule and the pressure I am under.  As I receive texts and private Facebook messages from blogger acquaintances this week telling me that they are concerned or giving offers for help, I got a little worried – had I blown my cover of the working mom who has her act together? Did being authentic about my stress levels ding my brand somehow?

And then I reasoned (with myself) that a large part of my brand is being relatable and honest and transparent.  By being authentic in my posts, I am staying “on brand.”  Because after all, my brand? Is all of me.  Just like Oprah without makeup is still Oprah.  It’s just another side of her that let’s us all know she’s real.

Do you ever have concerns about revealing too much?