BAN THE TWITTER BOTS: Why Social Media Should NOT Be Automated

As Twitter becomes more and more marketing heavy, the trend toward automation continues, alas. Particularly now that Triberr has entered the game. But should Twitter be automated?

NO. And here’s why.

Tweet Adder = Bad Form

Tweet Adder is a software you can buy that will scour twitter for you, following people that have a select group of interests, building your follower list in a niche way. It bills itself as “automated Twitter management software.” Because a lot of folks on Twitter follow back the folks that follow them, it’s a fast way to build up your follower count.

You know Tweet Adder is? It’s basically buying followers. Which you can do. But you know what buying Twitter followers makes you? It makes you someone more interested in appearances than conversation.

The problem with systems like Tweet Adder is when folks then UNfollow the people that followed them back so they can maintain that high followers/low following ratio that makes you look more influential than you are (full disclosure: my numbers look like this, but not because of buying followers, but from being on a Twitter recommends list for a year, which got me lots of bot-type followers).

Scheduled Tweets Make You Look Like An Asshole.

Deb talked about this the other day, but I wanted to hammer home her point. I can think of at least three situations in which scheduled tweets bit people in the ass. The Tsunami in Japan, the Gulf oil spill, and Steve Job’s death. If you had tweets scheduled during those events, you probably lost a bunch of followers, didn’t you?

But it’s not just during major events that scheduled tweets make you look like a dick. If you aren’t online when the tweet posts, and a bunch of folk respond and ask questions, and you’re golfing instead of tweeting? Well, you just lost a major opportunity for engagement.

Auto Direct Messages = Immediate Unfollow

Look: I’ve said this here before but it bears repeating. If I followed you, I have ALREADY CHECKED YOU OUT. You do not need to sell me your shit. I already followed you. Back the hell off. Auto DMs change my impression of you from a fun person I’m looking forward to getting to know to a person that is clearly too busy shilling their own stuff to engage with me. The second I get an auto DM, I unfollow, no matter how compelling your bio, website, or content.

The heart of the matter is this: Twitter is a place for conversation. If you’re gaming it with spam, auto DMs, and buying your followers your heart isn’t in Twitter. It’s in making money which is fine! but that won’t win you any friends on Twitter, and will prevent you from becoming a true influencer.

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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