See Banned Super Bowl Ads: Why They Arent Suitable for Children


Super Bowl ads are a big industry. Not just for the exorbitant prices for just 30 seconds of air time, not for their high production values, but these TV advertisements become news worthy fodder for partiers pundits, and us parents to discuss, digest and dissect.

Super Bowl ads can be amusing, annoying and worth every penny for the advertisers. But some, they cross the line. And many do so intentionally.

These ads either try to push the envelope knowing they’ll get everyone’s attention but in some cases ads are created just so they can be “banned” and get the all important viral video views.  But one thing for sure, these “banned” ads are not family-friendly.  Some feature porn stars, skinny dipping, cat fights, and a robot telling people they are going to die. And for kids who are watching the super bowl with their parents, these shocking spots sometimes just aren’t appropriate. The whole banning thing? It makes sense. Now if the half time performers can just kept their tops on. Also check out if you want your kids to see family-friendly entertainment, they shouldn’t watch the Super Bowl at all right here.

Check out some of the banned ads here:The Daily Beast put together a great list of all 14 of the ads which you can see right here.

Here are a couple of the banned highlights below.