Banning Raffles in the Schools


raffle-ticketsBake sales got the boot for childhood obesity, and now the target is settling on raffles in our schools. So what’s the problem? They’re essentially gambling.

But lest you fret that the schools are getting too involved in parenting our kids by telling us we can’t raise the next little card counter, the ban that got New York City parents up in arms had nothing to do with the kids.

The school was afraid raffle sales were opening it up to liability. Because nothing says American society like a pissed off parent suing because they didn’t win a crazy quilt.

The New York City raffle ban has been rescinded according to the New York Times, in part because parents still reeling over the bake sale prohibition were belly-aching that there were little to  no means left to raise money to offset the tight municipal budget. The latter type of moratorium has been laid down in schools in other spots across the states – childhood obesity rearing its ugly head – and the economy has hardly helped parents find alternative funding sources.

The new rules will allow raffles – as long as parents follow the state law. But New York is not the only state to declare raffles gambling and require a host of rules – including state authorization in many spots.

Has your kids’ school follow suit?

Image: alykat via flickr

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