Barbara Walters Says No Bruno For Kids

barbara-walters-on-brunoOn “The View”, Barbara Walters informed the world that “Brüno“, the new film from Sacha Baron Cohen, was not for children. Let us be clear about this. I want no confusion. Barbara Walters says that you should not, under any circumstances, bring your children to see “Brüno“.

Barbara? Barb? Can I call you Barb? The movie is rated R.

Here is a clip of Joy Behar and Barbara Walters discussing “Brüno” on ABC’s “The View”.

Joy liked it. Not all of it, she felt the film was “uneven”, but when it was funny, it was hilarious. Barbara points out that the film is rated R, which means “you can go with a parent”. That may be what it literally means. “Under 17 not permitted without parent.” In other words, if a parent wants to take their child to an R rated film, that’s their choice. One would hope that a parent would have some idea what the film was about. That’s not always the case, of course. But the warning is given.

What got Barbara so upset? “Close ups of penises and pubic hair.” She thinks that the film, which she says “purports to make people who are homophobic know more” will actually make people MORE homophobic.


It’s all that gay sex. Involving a butt. And those close ups of penis! Public hair! Ew!

I haven’t seen the movie. I thought “Borat”, which Barbara says she found very funny, was highly over-rated. It has its moments, but for me it just wasn’t that funny, at least not all the way through. I think Sasha Baron Cohen is a funny guy and a talented performer, and he certainly is willing to go the extra mile for his art. Apparently he puts himself, in character as Brüno, in some fairly dangerous situations in the new film.

But for Barbara to say that the reason the movie goes too far is beacuse of penis? And pubic hair? Come on. Do films with nude women go too far? Because there are dozens of those every year. How about violence? Or racial stereotypes, which the new “Transformers” movie has been accused of purporting? “Transformers” is marketed directly at children. “Brüno”, not so much. Why not talk about that? To be fair, she may have talked about that. I don’t watch “The View” regularly. But if I had to guess I would say that she probably didn’t. Barbara also doesn’t address the family friendliness of “Borat.” To me, that’s not any better for a young person, but it does seem that Barb might say otherwise. That is, without all that gay stuff, “Brüno” would be just fine for the family.

“This is a movie,” Walters says, “that is almost as pornographic and as any pornographic [film]…and it’s in your neighborhood movie theater.” Parents, take note. “This is not a family movie.” Good to know. Thanks for that.

Was anyone planning on taking their children to see “Brüno“?

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