Be Inspired By These 25 Bloggers Who Use Social Media for Social Good

4 of the 25 Awesome Bloggers Who Care!

I have been racked with guilt lately. Due to my work, parent, work, parent, rinse and repeat lifestyle I have become rather self-centered. It’s been all about keeping a roof over my head, keeping my child fed, and maintaining our day-to-day existence.  And while I complain that my laundry is piling up, we need to go to the store to buy more organic milk and Greek yogurt, and I have many posts to write, those are such “first-world” problems. There are others, I remind myself, who have much bigger issues than those.

They don’t have a washer and dryer, they can’t afford food, and they don’t have jobs to keep them busy. And even though I feel like I can’t find the time, I yearn to carve some out to help others — those who need a meal, a mentor, or a mention. That is why these 25 bloggers are so inspirational. They are all busy, just like me, but they have the spirit, the heart and the deep understanding that we are all in this together that they use their social media profile for good to enrich the world, make a difference and to change lives.

These 25 bloggers, from Debbie Bookstaber of Bloganthropy, to Devan McGuinness of Unspoken Grief to Doug French and his hilarious and heartwarming Movember, all don’t just talk about how they’d like to help, they go out and do it.

If you feel like being inspired, check out the rest of the list right here. And me, I’m going to use this as a kick in the butt to get out of my own life and try to help others.  Would you join me?


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