'Be Nice. Be Patient. It's Everyone's Halloween.'


I don’t know where the image below originated. It showed up in my feed today through Autism Speaks, but I also saw it on a few friends’ pages over the last week.

I shared it on my blog’s Facebook page, but then I realized: I’m kind of preaching to the choir over there. A huge number of my readers have special needs kids, or know and love someone on the autism spectrum. So pretty much, they already get this.

So I thought perhaps it might be helpful if I shared it here, in a more “mainstream” setting. Just a small reminder that some of the kids who show up at your door tonight might simply be doing their best. And if they don’t say thank you, it doesn’t mean their parents aren’t teaching them manners.

Please share the image below. Pin it, tweet it, share this post, whatever. Because Halloween is really, really stressful for my kid. He wants so badly to participate, and he’s trying his best to do and say the right thing, all the time.

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