Be Warned About Baby's Leaps


babycrying240x80How often have you watched your baby’s sleep go right down the tubes for no apparent reason, worry that you have irreparably screwed up, only to see her go through an enormous developmental leap and settle down immediately thereafter? Yeah, me too, too many times to count.

There’s a book called The Wonder Weeks which I haven’t read, but people I majorly respect cite it frequently as a clue to why babies periodically seem to lose their little minds. It delineates exactly when developmental leaps happen, and why they cause such upheaval in for babies — and their parents. Now, the authors of the book Hetty Van de Rijt and Franz Ploojz are offering a “Leap Alarm” on their website, Parent sfill in their baby’s date of birth and their email address, and then get regular “leap alerts” warning them that their baby is likely to be entering a difficult period.

While I am not entirely sold on the idea that developmental leaps always happen at predictable times, I have absolutely noticed that my kids’ sleep and behavior seem to fall apart for a short while right before they do something huge. Getting a little reminder that things might be about to go to hell might help. And hey, it’s free.

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