Top 50 Parents on Pinterest 2012

Pinterest is the new mecca for us creative types. Love decorating? There are boards for that. Love books? You can showcase your favorites. Need style/fashion/life inspiration? You’ll find it all. Spending time on this site brings us back to the days of making collages and dream boards, and we’re not ashamed to say we’re obsessed. Whether you’re already pinning to win or haven’t taken the plunge yet, these 50 parents (see the full list here) will wow and entertain you with their boards — we know this because we follow them (and think you should too). When choosing our favorite 50 parents on Pinterest, we focused on the overall quality of their page, not solely on how many followers or boards they have. Are their boards engaging? Helpful? Unique? Like any major list, it was extremely difficult to narrow it down, so please, if we forgot someone you love please nominate him or her here. Happy Pinning! — Amy Levin-Epstein & Dara Pettinelli

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Ali Edwards, 13,512 followers, 28 boards, 524 pins

The Top 50 Parents on Pinterest 2012 - Ali Edwards



Ali Edwards’ Rankings


The What’s What: We love Ali’s “Things I Don’t Need but Want
board, and not just because of its clever name. We didn’t know we were craving them, but now we’re jonesing for a pair of turquoise sneakers for spring, a red tape dispenser for our home office, and telephoto lenses for our iPhone. We’re also finding lots of scrapbook inspiration on “Memory Keeping” — it’s way more fun than creating an online photo gallery!

The Mama: Ali’s blog is all about making memories and keeping them. She’s a scrapbooker, blogger, and author (with four books about the art of scrapbooking) who admits that her obsession with crafting and recording memories started with the birth of her son. Luckily with her blog and her pins, those small moments won’t fly away as soon as they’re over.

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