Top 50 Mom Craft Blogs, 2011

There's something about the Do-It-Yourself mentality that just appeals to us here at Babble. Being able to make beautiful things - from kids clothes to home d'cor to rainy day projects that keep the whole family entertained - is the gift of the crafty, and this year, we're giving back with our first ever round-up of the 50 Best Mom Craft blogs.

Where can you find the best DIY projects and overall presentation? Great projects for yourself and your kids? The most breathtakingly beautiful crafts blogs you've even seen? Take a look at each of our Top 10 lists and get inspired. And if you have someone we missed, make sure to nominate your favorite crafting mama here.

Check back to see your nominations on our 2012 list next year and, in the meantime, get crafty in the best possible way.

Enjoy! - The Babble Editors

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Martha Stewart’s The Crafts Dept.

Top 50 Mom Craft Blogs - Martha Stewart’s The Crafts Dept



Martha Stewart’s Rankings

The What’s What: When the Queen of Crafting chose her writers for The Crafts Department, she chose well. Well-kept by a staff of twelve, including Laura Kaesshaefer, Blake Ramsey, Marcie McGoldrick, Stephanie Hung, Jodi Levine, and Athena Preston (pictured above) as well as Shane Powers, Silke Stoddard, Hosanna Houser, Kirsten Earl, Kristin St. Clair, and Jim Noonan (not pictured), the site runs addictive features like “Ask the Crafts Dept.,” in which the pros will answer your questions, and “Behind the Scenes,” which takes a peek at the production of Martha Stewart Magazine.

The Staff: From fantastic video tutorials to truly inspiring designs, Martha and her staff provide only the best for us to learn from — and we’re oh-so-thankful for that!

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