Believe In Love

Believe in love
Believe in love

One of Babble’s bloggers shared a moving post about her final visit with her grandfather. The essay has been collected in an anthology of essays on love from the NPR show “This I Believe”. It’s awesome.

Korinthia Klein shares her story of playing guitar for her grandfather. Growing up, he always encouraged her musical aspirations, and listened eagerly to every song she played. At every visit, he’d ask her to play Amazing Grace, and she’d always have to tell him she didn’t know how.

When Klein was a teenager, her grandfather became very ill with cancer and died. Before his death, she was able to share one last visit with him. She finally got to play Amazing Grace, just like he’d always wanted.

That’s a gentle testament to love, one that rings with the power of family and roots, as well as a little girl’s love of music. It’s so powerful because it’s so familiar: we’ve all had a moment like that in our lives, when we reach past the everyday to touch a bit of grace and connect with another person.

Klein’s essay ends with the powerful words:

Love matters. Music matters. And in our best moments they are one and the same.

What do you believe about love? What moments have most clearly embodied love in your life?

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