Ben Stiller's Return to Museum For a Big Deal


night-at-the-museum-2Last week Night at the Museum made its TV premiere, just in time to get kids excited for Night at the Museum 2 to hit DVD – and hopefully your shopping carts – this week.

Night at the Museum 2 hits shelves on Tuesday, and Babble found a crazy pre-order deal on the Web to help the pocketbook. Plus, we took a peek to see whether it’s worth the buy.

The verdict: not as good as the first, but a lot of fun for the kids.

Ben Stiller is back as Larry Daley, the museum guard who’s befriended the exhibits as they come to life at night. Only Daley’s moved on to bigger and better things since Night made a splash in theaters – or maybe not. Back for a visit, he sees a lot of changes that send him down south to the Smithsonian to once again play guard/adventure maven.

The secret to this film is the non-stop action which keeps the kids engaged (sorry, the story isn’t as good as the first, but we already said that). Amy Adams shows up as an oh-so-perky Amelia Earhart, and Jonah Hill plays the security guard who thinks too highly of his position to the hilt.

Definitely more a kids film than an adult one, but here’s the big deal we found for you that makes it worth it: Wal-Mart has slashed the price for a pre-order from $29.98 to $9.98 and thrown in free shipping. In other words – $20 off and you don’t have to leave the house. Get it on cyber Monday though, because the movie officially hits shelves tomorrow – and the pre-order deal is off.

Image: Wal-Mart

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