5 Reasons to Leave A Comment

CommentingLadies, I am going to tell you a story about mom blogging in the “old days”, before Twitter and Facebook — yes, pull up a rocking chair and put down your smart phones, (we didn’t have those back then either.)

How did we get to know each other and find new mom blogs to read before Twitter, Facebook and Stumble Upon?

Well, we commented. We DID. We really, really did. A lot.

It is kind of like in the REALLY old days when they wrote letters. By hand. And put stamps on them. And walked to the mailbox.

And just like the fading art of hand written notes, commenting is growing rarer. We dash off responses in tweets and leave comments to Facebook updates. But the commenting on posts? Well, IF we have time – maybe!

Let me first admit, I am amongst the worst offenders.

But back when we first started 5 Minutes for Mom, I commented on blog posts for a minimum of two hours a day. That was the main way relationships were built! That was how we found each other and became friends. Good grief — we didn’t even have blog conferences to attend yet.

But now, I do most of my blog reading on my iPhone or my iPad, where commenting is rather difficult.

So perhaps it’s time we listen to a lesson from the good old days of mom blogging…

The Fading Art and Priceless Tool of COMMENTING on BLOG POSTS

1. It is your calling card

Your comment is a note that respectfully shows the blog owner that you stopped by for a visit. It is a sign of a most polite and attentive reader. Leaving your comment then allows the blog owner to return the visit, whereupon you may engage in new conversation and become friends.

2. It shows other readers how witty and/or fabulous you are

In the old days, the comment section was how we most often found new sites to read. (Well, second to the good old blog rolls on our sidebars.) When someone leaves an intriguing, helpful, or funny comment, other readers want to read more. Yes — it is like throwing out your line and catching new readers!

3. It deepens your relationship with the blog owner

Before we had the chance to chat on Twitter and Facebook, the way we got to know each other better was to leave meaningful comments that turned into conversations, even spilling into email correspondence.

And while we do still have Twitter and Facebook, nothing can replace sharing your thoughts about the post a blogger so carefully created and published. Their post matters to them. Show them it matters to you.

4. It adds value to the post

The comment section can take on a life of its own. The humor or insights of the post can be continued on and on by the readers discussions and comments. This additional value benefits everyone — the reader, commenter, and blogger. And it is darn fun to be a part of these extended conversations.

5. When it comes down to it, every comment is basically an AD for YOU!

Back in 2008, Susan wrote a post called Why Comment at 5 Minutes for Mom. In it she told the story of how Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing would almost always be the first person to comment on every post of ours. So, at the bottom of every post, at the top of the comment section, there would be Stephanie’s comment — standing out for every reader to see.

Stephanie became one of our earliest blogging BFFs and the founding editor of our 5 Minutes for Parenting site. To this day, we adore Stephanie and count her as one of our most treasured blogging friends. And it all came from those comments she would so loyally leave.

So, when you are tempted to click away from a post for your next quick social media fix, consider lingering a little longer and leaving a comment. Not only are you living like we did in the old days, but you are growing your blog, reinforcing your brand, deepening friendships, adding value to the blogosphere, and basically putting up an ad for your site.

Yes — we had some good things going on in those olden days. Let’s not leave it all in the past…

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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