Did Bert Tell the Twitterverse He's Gay?

bert gay, sesame street
Is Bert slowly exiting the closet?

So what if Bert and Ernie are a couple of guys who have shared a bedroom for four decades? So what if they bathe in front of each other! In the puppet world, like in life, that doesn’t have to mean anything.

Unless it does.

For years, folks have wondered whether Bert is gay. An overlooked Tweet from a few months ago might be the pigeon-keeping, paper-clip collecting, mono-browed Muppet’s test of the waters. Did Bert take a first step out of the closet?

Commenting on the spikey patch atop his cone-shaped head, Bert had this to say in the Tweet:

Ever notice how similar my hair is to Mr. T’s? The only difference is mine’s a little more ‘mo’ and a little less ‘hawk.’

The Daily Beast’s Sexy Beast, Sujay Kumar, in his round-up of kid TV’s gay characters, explains “mo” as a nod to the “homosexual community.

The more politically minded could argue his rejection of “hawk” is simply an expression of his anti-war stance.

Perhaps it’s both.

Bert, no shame. We love you for being you.

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