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Like most parents I know, one of my favorite things about having a smartphone is the ability to quickly shoot video of my kids.  Unfortunately, I often find that by the time I open the camera app on my iPhone, switch it to “video” from “still” (if I remember to switch it at all),and  fumble for the “record”  button, whatever adorable thing the baby happened to be doing that I had deemed video-worthy is no longer happening. This was a problem. However, as it happens, there’s now an app for that.

Last week, while sitting around the San Diego airport playing with my beloved extra brain iPhone and waiting to board my plane to head home from BlogHer, I happened to see a tweet from Kristen Chase of Cool Mom Tech praising the Swift Video App. So I downloaded it to try out, and I love it.

Swift is an ingeniously simple 99 cent iPhone app that does something so obvious that it’s hard to believe no one had thought of it before (maybe someone has, actually, and I’m just not aware of it; Swift is the first app I’ve seen that does what it does.) Basically, the deal is that as soon as you open the app, it’s a video camera that’s recording video. No buttons to fiddle with or settings to tap. You open the app and point it at someone and voila! No more missed baby cuteness.

When you’re done recording, or you want to stop one video and start another, you can either tap the screen anywhere to make the change, or close the app. And there’s no extra step necessary to save your videos to the standard iPhone photo/video space on your iPhone; your Swift videos are moved there automatically (and SUPER quickly).

I’ve been playing around with the Swift app today, and here’s a little video I shot of my daughter G this morning.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Swift is only available for the iPhone or iPad 2 at the moment, but maybe if enough ‘Droid-loving moms request their own version from the developer, it will be an option for non-Apple smartphone users soon.

Highly Recommended!


Question of the day: what’s your own favorite device and/or app for shooting video of your kids, and why? Tell me in the comments below.




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