Best Halloween Light Show Videos to Share with Your Kids

Halloween light show display Party Rock anthem
Epic Halloween light show videos!

The Halloween light display set to “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO is a viral video sensation, and with good reason. Four pumpkin faces singing in time to the song, plus a huge light show that includes strobe lights, tombstones that light up and a perfectly timed light spectacular make this one to watch.

We poured over a bunch of YouTube videos to find the best Halloween light display videos to share with your kids and big surprise, the genius behind the “Party Rock” Halloween light show in Riverside, California has had some of the very best displays over the years!

Kevin J tells The Los Angeles Times that it takes him 15 hours to program every one minute of music. No small undertaking for the 39 year old Verizon employee, but well worth the effort, given the interest in his YouTube videos.

As for those wondering if he drives his neighbors nuts, the answer is no. Kevin only runs the light show once a night as 7:30.

“Party Rock Anthem” 2011 Halloween Light Show

“This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas” 2011 Halloween Light Show

“Thriller” 2010 Halloween Light Show

“Pump It” 2010 Halloween Light Show

“Monster Mash” 2010 Halloween Light Show

2011 West’s Rock’n Haunted Castle Light Show in Odessa Texas

“I Gotta Feeling” Light O’Rama Halloween Light Show 2011

“Monster Mash”

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