Best of Strollerderby November 20, 2009


Oprah Ending Her Show

The End of Oprah (aside: Will Sarah Palin take her place?)

Baby Chub Airbrushed Away in Some Mags

Soldier Chooses Her Son Over Her Service

Meep Banned at High School

Sebelius Says 40-plus Women Should Get Mammograms

Dad Only Speaks Klingon to Kid For 3 Years

Woman Labors in Hospital Bathroom After Doctors Send Her Home

Dads detained, banned from Wal-Mart for Shopping While Gay

Kansas Teacher Fired Over Florida Joke

Tiny Titans, Mickey Mouse and More – Kids Comics This Week

And a couple from last week:

Hospital Rejects Birth Plans

What the House Health Reform Bill Means For You

Bad Parent Essays We’d Like To See