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Here are my favorite reads around the web for the week of Valentine’s day. Show them some love, will ya?

Ten Most Popular Folks On Pinterest. Interestingly enough, the #1 person followed on Pinterest is Jane Wang, the mother of the inventor of Pinterest. Whoa.

Five Types of Social Media Influencers. Are you a sharer? A trendsetter? Using a group of sources, this article offers a suggested list of “types” of influencers.

More and more bloggers closing comments on blogs. We’ve seen this happening a fair amount in the mom blog community too, with some bloggers only allowing comments on a handful of posts a month. What do you think? Do you the nature of discussion on these blogs is critical, or do you believe they derail the content?

Can you get sued for using Pinterest? Uh oh. Boston Business Journal stops using the popular image sharing site after realizing it could get sued for posting images there.

Best Red Carpet Interviewers EVER. Have you seen this video with tiny Sophia Grace and Rosie interviewing folks on the Grammys red carpet? Prepare to DIE from cuteness.

Introducing Cowbird, a website for storytellers. I cannot wait to fall in love with this site.

This one is a couple weeks old, but still worth a read. How Stumbleupon is ruining mom blogs. Are people writing “to the stumble?” Will this ruin blogging?

Your twitter followers are NOT a community. An interesting take on the nature of Twitter.

Commerce on Twitter? New startup allows people to buy and sell on Twitter. Ug, death knell for Twitter?

Mom martyr vs. man cold. Oof. A post that hit home with me by Christine Koh.



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