Beyonce is Pregnant! She Told the World Onstage - How Did You Reveal Your Pregnancy?

beyonce is pregnant
The beautiful Beyonce Knowles holding her baby bump.

In case you haven’t heard, yes, the beautiful and extraordinarily talented Mz. Beyonce Knowles is finally pregnant.  (When he heard the news, my pal Jeffrey Joseph quipped, “Will Beyonce’s baby be Destiny’s Grandchild?”)  At nearly 30, Beyonce is in an ideal situation – she’s got a great career, a solid marriage and tons of money.  So how did the fabulous Sasha Fierce announce her pregnancy to the world?  On live TV, of course!  Last night at the end of her VMA performance of “Love on Top,” Beyonce threw down her microphone and ripped open her purple sequin-covered tuxedo jacket to reveal a tiny baby bump, which she began rubbing under a giant spotlight, while a gentle breeze kept her hair blowing ever so slightly.  For the record, I wish I’d known unbuttoning your jacket & rubbing your belly onstage means you’re pregnant. I’m sorry for the confusion I must have been causing all these years.

Anyhoo, watch this footage of Beyonce’s glorious reveal, and then let’s talk about creative ways us normal folks can share the good news:


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If you like, you can check Beyonce’s full VMA performance here.  My favorite thing about this clip is not Beyonce’s glowing face or her adorably geeky awkwardness in sharing this private news with the public, but the way Jay-Z cheers from the side, egged on by his pal and Watch the Throne collaborator Kanye West.  (Heads up, Katy Perry.  If you get that chunk of Velveeta off your head in time to announce your pregnancy next year, be prepared for Kanye to shout, “Yo Katy, I’m really happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best baby bumps of all time!  OF ALL TIME!)

Most of us don’t get the chance to announce that we’re expecting on MTV, but it is a big moment nonetheless.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell my friends and family, but in one case, I didn’t even get the chance.  My friend Cecilia guessed that I was pregnant when I refused a second glass of wine.  (Perhaps my pregnancy came at just the right time?  Mommy like grape juice.)  What about you?  Did you make your announcement in some exciting or goofy way?

Photo via MTV

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