Big Changes at Posterous


Turns out that bell you hear tolling was NOT proclaiming the death of Posterous.

Posterous has, up until now, been a super simple blogging platform, not all that unlike Tumblr. But with their major relaunch today, they are changing up the game by bringing a social aspect to the site.

Posterous Spaces offers private, controlled social groups where you can upload you content and keep it exclusive to a small handful of folks. In the video accompanying the launch, they suggest that private groups can be formed for “your daughter’s soccer team or your book club.”

How does this compare to, say, private closed groups on Facebook and circles on Google+ ? It’s pretty similar, actually, but with a twist. Instead of a typical Facebook group, it actually creates a kind of members-only blog site that you and others can contribute photos, posts, comments, etc, all with the nice sleek look of Posterous.

In addition, Posterous has added a friend finder so you can connect with others you know there and no longer have to hunt.

Otherwise, Posterous remains fundamentally unchanged, albeit with a new user interface. Check out the video below for more info.

Introducing Posterous Spaces from Posterous on Vimeo.