Biggest Kid Viral Video of 2011: Baby Micah Laughs at Ripping Paper (Video)

baby micah laughing ripping paper
Baby laughing at ripping paper was a huge viral video in 2011

One of the biggest kid viral videos of 2011 was that of baby Micah laughing at paper being ripped by his dad.

It wasn’t just any paper – it was daddy’s job rejection letters.

And it wasn’t just any laugh. It was the hugest, sweetest baby belly laugh caught on video.

Micah and his family were on the Today show to talk about how the video became a viral sensation. It started innocently enough, as they were just sharing the video of Micah laughing for family.

They never expected it to become such a runaway hit.

Micah, unfortunately, didn’t have much to say during his big interview on the Today show – he slept sweetly through the whole thing!

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