Biggest Preemie Ever? Woman Gives Birth to a 12-Pound Baby Four Weeks Early


When one thinks of a preemie, one usually conjures up images of a very small baby with a low birthrate. But when 26-year-old Michigan mom Crista Hebel gave birth to a preemie four weeks early, her baby came into the world at a stunning 12 pounds.

When Hebel was in the process of making an appointment for a C-section, they could already tell the newborn was going to be large. According to the Huffington Post,  Hebel was being treated for dehydration when she suddenly went into labor. She was surprised to find out she was carrying such a big baby, saying…

My jaw dropped when I heard that number in the operating room, but I knew that was in the realm of possibility.” Her daughter — who she named Anya is doing well and is in the neonatal intensive care unit but she noted that “everyone in the NIC-U tells me it’s very hard to remember she was born premature because she’s so large.”

Bob Hebel, Anya’s dad, said that there wasn’t any medical issue that lead to the large size on his daughter, “she’s just a very large child.” The Huffington Post notes that the instances of big babies seems to be on the rise, “although there’s been no scientific evidence of a definitive trend, Dr. Ghofrany says that in the last five to six years, ‘babies have definitely been coming out bigger.'” As to why this is happening, experts can only guess, saying “there’s only been speculation about possible causes for (the) phenomenon contaminants in food or hormones in meats, for example.”

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