Bill O'Reilly Defends Ellen DeGeneres, Compares 'One Million Moms' to Joe McCarthy

bill o'reilly, ellen degeneres, jc penney
Best friends forever?

Could someone please pick my jaw up off the floor before it gets stepped on? I am in shock! Bill O’Reilly apparently can’t even take himself seriously anymore and is FINALLY showing his true colors as a liberal entertainer. I wondered if this might happen someday, but I didn’t think O’Reilly would reveal his good nature (did I just type that?) in support of a gay person’s right to, you know, exist.

In case you missed it, this wacko right-wing group One Million Moms announced last week that they wanted JC Penney to fire their newest spokesperson, Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres fired back with some hilarious material on the subject, including the line, “Not that there’s anyone counting, but for a group that calls themselves a Million Moms, they only have 40,000 members on their page. So they’re rounding up to the nearest million and I get that.” For the record, JC Penney never considered firing DeGeneres. JCP CEO Ron Johnson told CBS, Ellen is “a very honest, straightforward person with extraordinary values. It’s been unbelievably wonderful to work with someone who is so kind, so gracious, so funny.”

I wasn’t surprised to see DeGeneres handle herself with such aplomb, but to see O’Reilly jump to her defense? I’m speechless. He says asking JCP to fire DeGeneres is un-American, if only purely from a business standpoint, but I get a sense it’s actually because O’Reilly is a secret Ellen fan who loves to join the talk show host in her daily dance routine. (Sorry for the image, but go ahead and enjoy it. Now imagine O’Reilly dancing in a pair of these.)

Here’s the clip, from the Factor:


If you’re interested, some fine folks are organizing a “shop-in” on Sunday in support of JC Penney and Ellen. Check-out Facebook for more info.